A New Direction

This week on the Geek Infusion, Matthew is back. Lots has happened over the last six months, but things have finally settled into a rhythm where he will be able to post on a regular basis.

More after the break.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Geek Infusion.

As has been written above, a lot has happened to me over the past few months.

First and foremost my wife got a job in her line of work (she is an accountant). This has lead to an uptick in my time spent on household chores, limiting my time for writing and playing video games.

As if this wasn’t enough, she is now seven months pregnant! So I am going to be a dad some time at the end of December/early January. This is very exciting, and it is calling upon me to start making some changes in my schedule, so I’m going to start here.

From now on, the Geek Infusion will update every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. To start with, these will be blog posts about the industry, games I’m currently playing, and any thoughts I have on video gaming in general.

Once things have settled down at home, and the restaurant is quiet after the Christmas rush, I’ll be introducing my streaming on Twitch, as well as the YouTube channel. I’ll be streaming a number of games, both from my PC and my PS3. Later in the year (around June) you’ll also be able to catch PS4 streams.

These are being staggered out for a number of reasons.

First: I’m not made of money. I’m trying to get this little project up off the ground and it is taking a large investment of capital. This wasn’t a huge concern before, but now I have a little life on the way and its needs are going to largely dictate the amount of spare cash that I have to spend on this adventure. I hope to make it self-sustaining within a year.

Second: I need to nail down my schedule as things are added into it. Currently, I put in nearly 60 hours at the restaurant every week. These shifts directly dictate when I can play and write. Currently, I have weekends off, so that’s when the bulk of things will happen (streaming, YouTube, and so on). But, as I said, a baby is being added into the mix. So I’ll change my update schedule accordingly. I’ll also be taking advantage of the “scheduled post” option provided by WordPress in the event of known absence/work related absence.

Third: I need time to figure out which games are going to be worth playing. This is why the additions will be staggered. I am acquiring a new gaming PC rig in the New Year, hence waiting there. But, if there are no exclusives that I’m interested in, or the difference between PC and console launch is not prohibitive, then I won’t be acquiring a new console as I’d rather spend the money on upgrading the site, and getting merch going.

So, that’s my plan for the next few months in a nutshell. Start writing on a regular basis, add in the streams and YouTube content in the new year, and adjust as my life dictates.

Hope you are all well, and I’ll see you tomorrow with my first thoughts on Destiny for the PS3.

A New Direction

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