It’s the little things


Today we’re going to be talking about pre-order bonuses, and why I love them.

Last week my wife surprised me with an early (VERY) Christmas gift. She purchased me the Destiny Expansion Pass. For around $35 USD, you can get your purchase taken care of for the first two Destiny expansions, the Dark Below and the House of Wolves.

I was pretty thrilled with this, and I’m eagerly awaiting the Dark Below with the new story…new gear. etc. /drool. What I wasn’t expecting was a little bonus from the developers.

I logged into Destiny, and noticed that I had mail waiting for me with the postmaster. Figuring this was some piece of loot I forgot in a strike, I landed at the Tower, decoded a few engrams with the asshat Cryptarch, picked up a few bounties and then walked over to the postmaster to check my mail.

It wasn’t an engram.

No, Bungie had seen fit to send me a thank-you note for purchasing the Dark Below. I thought this was classy, even if it was a copy-pasted letter that everyone would get.

I also found the Tumbler (pictured above). Check out this thing in action:

This is the Tumbler. So, not only do I feel like Batman just be riding the thing, but I can do all kinds of sweet tricks when I catch air on the myriad places across Destiny’s beautiful terrain.

It’s the little things. Blizzard does them too. You may get a pet, or a mount from Blizzard, things like that. This is the classy way to give people bonuses for pre-ordering.

A lot of companies don’t do this. Or worse, they say they do but it’s not true.

I’m going to offer Ubisoft up here. Again. As a company that does this. The apparent pre-order exclusive for Assassin’s Creed: Rogue was the Fort de Sable mission and the Ultimate Hunter cosmetic pack. This is what you would get for pre-ordering from Gamestop and EBGames.


Every copy. EVERY copy of the game at my local EB was the “limited edition”. Someone needs to teach game development companies what the term limited means. If I pre-order, and then my mate walks in and just buys the game and we get the same perks? That’s not a pre-order bonus. That’s not a limited edition. That’s part of the damn game. Call it what it is, crap you couldn’t finish in time for the discs to be pressed, so you made it a download that everyone gets.

And, to add insult to injury, my code had already been used. I kid you not. I put my code in, from my sealed copy of Rogue, and it told me my code had already been used, so thanks for that Ubisoft.

I’m not asking for much, but the thank you note and the bike in Destiny were great. I also know that they are, in fact, limited. A few days after the launch of the expansion, if you haven’t purchased it, you won’t be getting either. This makes it limited, something that companies like Ubisoft, and Bioware have yet to figure out.

It’s the little things that make gamers feel appreciated.

In fact, I’ve opened up collectors editions of games to find a thank-you note from the entire development team. Sure, everyone else who got collectors editions got the same note but this was back when collectors editions were limited runs, not the bulk of the game presses.

I, like most people, like to feel appreciated. I like to feel needed. I’m a customer. I am needed to allow a company to continue. So thanking me isn’t out of line. I get thanked when I make a purchase at EB, and it’s nice when developers make the same effort beyond a blog-post or a header on their website.

Digital tid-bits, or little things like maps of the world or, like Oblivion, an honest-to-god thing from the game (an Imperial Septim!) make the purchase all the more worthwhile.

So, thanks Bungie for making me feel special. Thanks to Blizzard for the same. And thanks to Bethesda for making me feel important, if only for a moment. You guys are class acts. Keep it up.

Ubisoft? Bioware? Learn what the word limited means.

Thanks to all of YOU for reading. As always, comments aren’t just welcome, they are solicited. I’m going to do a thing from now on where the person who comments the most every month gets to control the content for three posts.

I’ll talk about what you want me to talk about. I may not share your opinion, so buyer beware.

Please note this doesn’t mean spam me. I want constructive criticism of my work, I want dialogue, I want conversation. We’re a community here at Geek Infusion. Granted, we’re a burgeoning one. But we’re also a part of the larger gaming community. Discussion among peers is important.

Once again, take care. I’ll see you on Thursday.

It’s the little things

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