Ubiweek Part Deux: We’re getting what?


Today Matthew talks about Ubisoft’s reaction to their Unity debacle. Is throwing money at the problem the solution? Oddly enough, no.

I believe that a person should own their mistakes. Hiding behind excuses and passing the buck to others is a massive display of cowardice. This is no less apparent then when we are talking about corporations who are selling goods to millions of clients at a time.

I am, of course, still harping on about Ubisoft’s recent Assassin’s Creed: Unity debacle and how they have chosen to respond to it.

In essence, if you purchased AC Unity, you will be receiving DLC for free for your troubles, including the upcoming Dead King’s pack scheduled to be released sooner rather than later.

If you had purchased the season pass, you are further compensated with a free Ubisoft game. Sounds great in theory. Then again, so do a lot of things. But this isn’t an acceptable answer.

A free, digital game costs Ubisoft exactly…nothing. Especially since, with the exception of Far Cry 4  (which has had its own fair share of troubles) and the Crew these games have been around for some time. Including Black Flag, which has more than made its money back. So did Watch Dogs, albeit with its own troubles as well.

Digital copies, however, don’t cost a cent. They are hosted on Ubisoft’s servers anyways, as people are able to purchase them without having had an issue with Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

One could argue that this is a type of refund, and I suppose it is. These games are valued at or near the price of Unity anyways, certainly more than the season pass but there are three hitches that find a tad annoying.

First and foremost, you are being pigeonholed into one of their games. Not only does this keep Ubisoft from losing money, but I bet you all the money in my pockets against all the money in your pockets that any of these “free” games that are downloaded are going to folded right into the numbers brought to their shareholders at the next meeting.

In other words, for each copy of Far Cry 4 they “give” away, they are allowed to say that they have sold one more unit. So, there’s that.

Next, you aren’t allowed to choose where your money goes. I know a corporation has no interest in returning money. They exist to make a profit. If it’s really a refund, you should be able to take the money and allocate it elsewhere. Of course, this also implies that you have to give the software back. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Unless you’re Ubisoft apparently.

And last but not least, it hog ties you from further action against Ubisoft, as reported here by GameInfomer.

What all that legal mumbo-jumbo means (I THINK) is that by agreeing to the terms of service outlined therein and downloading your software you are agreeing that you have been fairly compensated for your trouble, the issues surrounding the patches outlined yesterday on this site, your purchase of a DLC that everyone (including me who hasn’t even unwrapped his copy yet) is now getting for free AND you waive your right to further pester them.

This is insane. When a company does something stupid they are supposed to pay for it, just like an individual does. If you purchased something from a friend, and you found out it was broken, you would darn well ask for your money back and give them back the merchandise, and you’d be right too.

But now, they are asking you to accept that the “giving” of a $50 – $70 game to you for free is worth the original $70 you spent, plus the cost of $34 for the Season Pass.

To me, those numbers just don’t add up. And they never will.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Do you want your free game, or do you want the chance to get all your money back should a class action suit be brought against them? I don’t know that it ever will, but I’m of two minds.

If the choice was up to me, right now? My gut says I’d take the free game, and feel lucky that I got away with at least that. My emotions (yes I have those) tell me that I’d want to take every last red cent out of Ubisoft’s scaly hide before I ever allowed them to just give me a game, pat me on the bum and send me on my way.

All the while? They will be counting each download in the win column.

Take care, and see you tomorrow.


Ubiweek Part Deux: We’re getting what?

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