When your money isn’t your money

Today Matthew tackles the trade-in credit offered by companies like EBGames Canada and how certain aspects of it aren’t as convenient as you might think they are.

The other day, I decided to start making room in my game collection for the arrival of the baby. I’m going to need more storage space, so I figured if I can purchase and download digital copies of certain games and a half-decent price, I’ll take those physical copies to EB.

This allows me to still play my games if I wish, but also frees up the room I need for…diapers and bottles and…I dunno? Baby powder? Those are all things I need right? Anyways, I digress.

I took 7 games to EB and, using my Platinum Edge Card I got $80 on trade. To be fair, before you scoff, all but one of these games was older. The only one that wasn’t was Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. I thought this was fair, and I could use the $80 towards my Xbox One (I’m off Sturday/Sunday next week, so I’m hopefully able to grab it then, assuming stock).

Yesterday, however, I decided to take a look on EB’s site to see if they had any good online deals. They did. Shadow of Mordor for Xbone was on for 39.99. That’s a great price. So, I called their hotline to double check the balance on my cards because I have multiple at the moment, found the proper one and began to file my order.

0 Balance, the website claimed.

I called again, no. I definitely have $80 of balance. So I tried again. No dice. I then tried a NON sale item. And wouldn’t you know, it was a bloody Christmas miracle, my card had balance. So I went back to Mordor, checked again and nope.

So, my question, EBGames Canada, so why are you selectively telling me when I can and cannot spend money you have given me? I gave you games on trade in the good faith that the credit you gave me for them could be used however and whenever I wanted in your store.

You effectively have decided that my trade in credit is only worth anything when you say it is. Now, granted, I know that’s how digital (or any type of currency) works. I get that. What I don’t get is why I’m being limited. You’ve already given me the credit. As long as you get $80 of profit out of it why do you care how I spend it?

If I give you product and you give me currency, I should be able to do with that currency how I like, no matter if you’re running a sale. And, not for nothing mate, but I know that you’ve already made more than a profit off of SoM. It’s one of this year’s top selling games behind Destiny and AC: Unity.

It feels just plain insulting. I’m being told that if I’m using store credit, I’m a peasant, unwashed and unclean, not fit to purchase games on sale if I’m not using cash, debit or major credit card.

In addition, don’t you consider it silly, EB that you value my Visa and MasterCard above your own signature? You effectively told me yesterday that the money YOU game me in what amounts to a promissory note (which I will remind everyone is what bank notes are) is less valuable to you than the other two. Your own product and your own word is less valuable to you than Visa or MasterCard.


And lastly, what if I was going to buy Mordor as well as something else? (I had my eye on a statue of Arno from AC: Unity). Now you’ve lost a sale. And, frankly, the only reason I’ll be buying my Xbone from you over the weekend as opposed to, say, Best Buy right next door? I have $80 worth of credit for your store.

Or maybe I don’t.

Hope you all had a great Holiday, and are enjoying your time off with friends and family.

Take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

P.S. if you notice a few changes to previous articles, it’s because Mike is going back through them at the moment. He and I try to adhere to a consistent tone when we work together, and that works best when we write with the CP Style Guide. So fear not, content won’t be changing, but some of my (Matthew) awkward wording may.

He was an editing major, I majored in magazine writing and design.

When your money isn’t your money

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