Good Guy Bungie

Today Matthew pats Bungie on the back, again.

So, as I reported last week, the PSN suffered numerous outages over the Holidays and so did XBL. I also need to thank a reader for correcting me, I was wrong about the PSN being back up. So, I appreciate that.

In other news, I also acquired my Xbox One. So, my first stream will be on Sunday, and I’ll update you on what time I’ll be doing that. Probably in the evening, I’d imagine.

So, with all that out of the way, let’s talk about Bungie for a moment.

As I stated a couple of paragraphs up, there was a lot of outage over the weekend, and people were unable to log into their online games, one of them being Destiny.

Every Friday, Bungie has a character arrive in the Tower (where the player characters socialize). His name is Xur. He brings with him a selection of powerful armor and weapons, which we purchase using a special currency only he accepts. He also usually leaves on Sunday morning.

Now, Bungie could have just let him do his thing, and depart when he normally does. But as this was his first week bringing weapons that are specifically tied to the Dark Below expansion, they didn’t want players who couldn’t connect to miss out. Especially those people playing on the PSN.

So, they altered his programming. He stuck around Sunday evening, and didn’t actually leave until late last night. This is an example of a company caring about their player base.

Granted, the Dark Below was a misstep, but I’m going to pin that more on Activision than on Bungie. Sort of like Cataclysm was more on Activision than on Blizzard, if you can follow my train of thought.

I’ve always said if you put the client first, they will respond with loyalty, and that is one thing the remaining player base of Destiny has in spades. Those who love it, love it a lot, as it were.

It’s also a great way to show the players you appreciate them. It’s one thing to want to build a good community. It’s quite another to build one fostered entirely on good will, open communication and mutual respect. And it’s insanely difficult to do that in the gaming community where, arguably, we can behave like entitled, spoiled little children.

In addition to this, if the Twitter feed is to be believed, Bungie was working closely all weekend with Microsoft and Sony to try to re-establish connection between their servers as quickly as possible, and they were also attempting to keep the player base informed.

I have to say, this is the greatest example of a triple-A company going out of its way for the player base I’ve seen so far this year. They have trumped Blizzard, a company whom I have a lot of respect for in this regard.

As a Destiny player, I felt like I mattered.

Thanks very much Bungie, thanks to Deej, their front man in communications, and to the whole staff. You guys went above and beyond, and we here at Geek Infusion salute you.

Take care everyone.

Note: There will be no Geek Infusion for the next two days. I work from 9 am to 11:30 pm tomorrow for New Year’s, and I’m back in to open the restaurant on New Year’s Day.

So, from my family to yours, Happy New Year, may it bring you all that you desire, and may it be full of happiness and love.

Also, I value each one of you as readers and friends. If you’re going to drink, please make sure you have a safe, sober way to get home, or, better yet, stay at your friends place for the night. I’ve already lost a couple friends this year, I don’t need you guys being the first ones in 2015.

So Happy New Year, and stay tuned for baby news soon.

Good Guy Bungie

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