Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 – Matthew’s List (Part One)


It’s a new year, and it’s time for the Geek Infusion to weigh in on their top 10 most anticipated games of 2015. Matthew is up first.

Every year, I try to take a look ahead and see how I’m going to be spending my money on my hobby. However, there is a difference this year. My hobby is now also my job, and I have to weight pros and cons. Will people want to see this, do I want to play it, is it worth my viewer’s time.

So, this isn’t going to be a comprehensive list of what you’re going to be seeing over the next 12 months. Some of it will be, of course. But not all of it. Without further ado, on we go!

10. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

This game has been on my most anticipated list for quite some time. Years in fact. I played the game back when I was in the 8th grade, and I’m certain I’ve mentioned it several times on the blog.

It’s a direct squeal to Ocarina of Time, but takes place in a different world called Termina. Link has 3 days to stop the world from ending and I’m one of the fans who insists this is Link dealing with his own death, and the 5 stages of grief.

It looks good, it plays well and has aged well. I can’t wait to see the re-release on the 3DS. If you’re looking for a Zelda game which isn’t crap, and you like games that are difficult, you could do worse than Majora’s Mask. It’s my favourite Zelda to date, and will likely remain so.

9. Assassin’s Creed Victory

I know, I know. You’re saying “But Matthew! You panned Unity, and wanted a break from the series. Why is this on your list?”

I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ve also spent time in London and am moving back in the next couple of years. It’s a great city, and I want to see how well it’s been recreated.

I would also like a game where the bloody English accents aren’t out of place.

It’s also a great setting for an AC game. Lots of tall buildings, plenty of social injustice, and an upper class who have literally made it a crime, punishable by imprisonment, to be poor.

Also? Jack the Ripper and a grappling hook hidden blade attachment. I am cautiously sold on the idea of this game. They screw up the launch again, however, and Ubisoft and I are done.

8. Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman is a great favourite of mine. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the combat, the stealth system and the gadgets. And it’s all coming down to one final showdown with a pretender.

The trailers have looked amazing, which is normal these days I suppose. But the chance to drive the Batmobile around? This is a geek dream right there.

In addition, I am super excited to learn who the Arkham Knight is. I have two theories, both are plausible of you know the Batman mythos at all.

1: Jason Todd

2: Azrael

I’m going to bet Azrael because he was the mysterious stranger in Arkham City.

The series has tight handling, an intuitive combat system, great frame rate and visuals and it FEELS like the Batman world. I love every minute of it, and look forward to June.

7. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is an open galaxy simulator game, played online you’ll have more opportunities to see unique planets than you plausibly could in a life time.

The art style is nothing short of breathtaking and the seamless transition from planet, to space and back again is impressive.

Also, my imagination is taking flight just thinking about going to these planets, and interacting with the animals and plants I find there.

Now I only need to buy a PS4.

6. Fable Legends

It seems Fable is finally coming into its own in this installment. It was always meant to be a multiplayer game, and it seems my wish is finally coming true.

With a single player story line, as well as the ability to go online as EITHER a Hero or a Villain I’m exceptionally excited. Especially if it goes a more MMO route, which it seems to be, as the campaign can be played with 3 ai companions, or 3 human ones in addition to yourself.

All this, while the villains get to set traps and control creatures. Plus, the art style seems to have finally taken shape from a confused mess to a steam punk-fantasy archetype. It actually reminds me a bit of Bioshock:Infinite, which is not a bad thing.

I know I’ve recently panned Fable for its NPCs and story telling. But, like Assassin’s Creed, I’m holding out hope for the addition of the co-op and the character development Fable has always had via its alignment system. Maybe it will allow for some unique storytelling opportunities a la Dungeons and Dragons.

So these are my bottom 5 choices for this year. Again, some of them you won’t see played on YouTube or the Twitch service (Zelda, for example).

Check back tomorrow for the top 5. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to playing.

Take care!

Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 – Matthew’s List (Part One)

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