Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 – Matthew’s List (Part Two)


Earlier this week, Matthew gave you his first 5 anticipated games of 2015. Now for the big ones. Which game will reign supreme?

5. Zelda Wii U

If I wasn’t already convinced the Wii U was worth picking up based on Hyrule Warriors, this title certainly piqued my interest. This is especially true given one of the screen shots and piece of artwork from the ORIGINAL Legend of Zelda seem to be nigh on the same.

Does this mean a remake of the original? Or perhaps a new game set in the same Hyrule? Either is great in my opinion.

The first Zelda pioneered what we know today as the puzzle solving action adventure game, and we got two games set in that version of Hyrule, the second being The Adventure of Link.

In addition, you get to eat apples. I know this may seem like a small thing, but it’s am immersion thing to me. The idea of having to eat as a video game character has been tried before, (see Fallout: New Vegas) and it will be interesting to see how Nintendo adds to this.

Maybe a quick munch is all we get. I don’t know. All I care about is my being back in Hyrule.

I’m always up for a new entry into the Zelda franchise. But there are so many other games coming out this year, it just couldn’t make the top three. Though capturing two spots on this list should tell you how much I value this franchise.

Even if Nintendo is beating a dead horse, I remain hopeful they will add some innovation.

4. Star Fox Wii U

Oh Nintendo, you flighty temptress. Why must you antagonize me? It’s been YEARS since we’ve had a proper Star Fox game. None of the dinosaur planet bullocks, or the getting out of the ship to run around. But an honest to God Star Fox game.

I don’t mind the adventure style Star Fox game, and would even welcome it if it didn’t feel like it was shoehorned in all the time. Hopefully we are going to see a return to form for Fox and his friends.

At this point, I’d settle for just seeing them on a console again. We went a whole generation without a Star Fox game, catching only glimpses of them in Smash Brothers. Hopefully we get a good title. If not, I’ll be very upset this broke the top 5.

The fact the last two Fox console releases have been awful is what prevents this from getting any higher.

3. Star Citizen 

This must have a caveat attached to it. There is no confirmation Star Citizen will indeed be out for 2015, but it is in Beta, and it is going strong.

I have a friend who is involved in the modeling and design of the game, so I have been privy to some of the development process, and I’m liking what I’m seeing.

If you’ve ever played the Wing Commader games, then you’re in luck. It’s a continuation of this IP, but you aren’t limited in your capacity.

Want to be a pirate with an asteroid base, haunting the trade lanes of other players with your fast, lightly armored ship? You go it.

Want to be the fleet admiral of a large, player-run armada, complete with various player home worlds and economies? You got it.

Want to have seamless space-to-boarding battles? You got it.

Star Citizen’s model seems to be “if you can imagine it, you can do it. And if you can’t, we’ll make it happen in the next update”. It’s also one of the largest crowed funded games of all time. So, chew on it, Tim Schafer.

2. Star Wars: Battle Front

What would a new generation be without a Star Wars game attached to it?

I loved the previous Battle Front games. They make for great party games, and the online multi-player possibilities really has me interested.

Again, the ability to just take to a ship, fly across space, land on the enemy cruiser and blow it up from the inside has me chomping at the bit.

At this point, I suspect most people are familiar enough with the series I don’t need to go into detail. I’m ready to be a Clone Trooper again. Bring it on, CIS.

1. Final Fantasy VII

If you know me, this isn’t a surprise. I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy. At least before it went ape shit around the time of Final Fantasy XII.

I recall Square-Enix saying the man power required to remake this game would be astronomical. It seems, however,  Square-Enix remembered they are Square-Enix and, essentially, have a blank cheque from Sony to remake this game.

If you’ve never played FF VII, you are in for a treat. It’s got great characters with memorable arcs, lots of secrets and side-quests and one of the most thought-provoking narratives surrounding the questions of self-identification, pre-determination and breaking ones destiny I’ve ever seen.

If you only find one reason this year to buy a PS4, this is it.

Now. Squeenix, where is my remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story. Get on it. I’ll pay you in back rubs.

So. This concludes my sordid tale. Check back tomorrow, where I’ll be talking about the evolution of the shooter, entitled “Why Halo Sucks”.

Take care,


Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 – Matthew’s List (Part Two)

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