A few bits of news

Greetings everyone, Mike here with a quick update.

You might notice a bit less activity than usual on the site in the next week or so. That’s because, if you hadn’t heard, Matthew’s wife Kimberley gave birth to a baby boy, Sam, this week. Everyone’s healthy but as you might expect there’s been a slight, shall we say, realignment of priorities.

In any event I’ll be doing at least one more post over the weekend. Inspired by Matthew’s top ten upcoming games list, I’d like to put together my own. We generally like completely different kinds of games, so there shouldn’t be too much overlap.

Beyond that, regular updates should resume next weekend. And that’ll include me doing a Let’s Play of Dying Light on our YouTube channel. I may start earlier than next weekend with that, maybe around Wednesday. It depends how thrashed I am after work (starting a new job on Monday, eep).

As for our ongoing Hearthstone series… I’m not sure where that’s going. At the moment we’re just net-decking, which is maybe not the most interesting to watch. I’d like to do something akin to TotalBiscuit’s series on gimmick decks. But then, if that’s what you want to see you can just go to his channel. So I don’t know. We need to brainstorm ideas. Or, if you’ve got a suggestion, maybe you could leave us a comment?

A few bits of news

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