Geek Infusion Plays: Life Is Strange!

Hello! I’m back to announce another new series of Let’s Play videos. My game of choice this time is Life Is Strange. This is a third-person interactive adventure game from French developers Dontnod Entertainment (makers of 2013’s Remember Me) and published by Square Enix.

Life Is Strange follows Max Caulfield as she navigates life and friendships at the prestigious Blackwell Academy. Oh, and there’s some stuff in there about her realizing she has the ability to rewind time. You know, the usual.

Life is Strange is being released in five episodes. The first one is available now on Steam for $5.49 CAD, or you can buy the whole season for $21.99.

I’ll be publishing a complete play through of episode one in four parts over the next four days. From there, I’ll continue the series once the next episode is released. Currently it’s scheduled to come out next month. As always, please like and subscribe if you enjoy. Thanks!

Geek Infusion Plays: Life Is Strange!

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