Star Citizen Patch 1.1 Notes

Late last night I received an e-mail from someone who is currently working on Star Citizen, the new Sci-Fi MMO from Chris Roberts (the genius behind both Wing Commander and Freelancer. Two of my favourite games growing up).

I am lucky enough to be a tester on the current build, and I have to say it’s an awful lot of fun and exceptionally polished for a game which isn’t in open beta yet. Please see my first impressions article coming tomorrow evening for my full rundown on this current phase of testing.

So, without further ado here are the current patch notes. As more notes are released, I’ll be publishing them here. You can also find a link to the Star Citizen website at the bottom of the page if you want to follow the construction of the game and also create your account.

I should also note that, unlike some other games, Star Citizen is also making note here of things that are not working as intended. This gives me hope for the continued development of the game as noticing and acknowledging problems is a HUGE part of moving forward, both for development and for community interaction/communication.

Also the game is entirely crowd funded. So, not only is it in an incredibly polished state but they are doing this without the safety net and the strings attached that comes with a major publishing house. I’ll say more tomorrow, but for now I highly suggest check Star Citizen out.

I should also mention that MMO doesn’t do the game justice. It’s a full-fledged universe complete with planets, asteroids, stars and black holes. It needs to be seen to be believed.

To check out more on Star Citizen beyond what I can cover, check out their homepage!

Star Citizen 1.1 Patch Notes:

– Added Free Flight Multiplayer
– Added Assisted Approach landing mode to Free Flight (engaged using N)
– Added Automatic Approach landing mode to Free Flight (engaged using middle mouse button while Assisted Approach is active)
– Added groundwork tech for new ship damage state system
– Added the Rental Equipment Credits system

– Gladius is now combat ready
– Added new ship damage state system to the Gladius

– Redesigned ballistic weapons so they have their own loadouts which will allow them to automatically be attached with ammunition

User Interface
– Added identifier numbers to the end of non-unique Vanduul in Vanduul swarm
– Added an altimeter for Assisted Approach mode to show ships how far away from the platform the ship is
– Added Rental Equipment Credits to scoreboard (the total value of credits earned is not calculated until the match is over)
– Added custom sensitivity curves to control options
– Added backend support to allow the creation of subgroups within subgroups in control options
– Added new error messages for when a client fails to connect to a match (these are currently not working and will show a blank error box)

– Added Simpod to hangar (replaces ship cockpit arena commander menu)
– Added Xian ship miniature
– Added Khartu-Al ship miniature

– Increased number of landing platforms in Free Flight to 8
– Changed friendly fire system – Pilots now receive “Infractions” for doing an amount of friendly fire damage in a short space of time. Too many of these causes them to be kicked from the game
– Comstab is less aggressive in how quickly it decelerates the ship which will lead to some drift
– Scoreboard is now bound to the tab key
– Freelook is now bound right ctrl+tab
– Crouch is now bound to ctrl
– G-safe now limits based on ship velocities rather than set points

– Updated lighting system for 300 series
– Aurora headlights system updated to use multiple light sources

– Replaced Mass Driver Cannon fire sound with something more appropriate for a 60mm Ballistic (was laser)
– Weapon mounts have been adjusted so that gimbaled mounts now hold weapons that are one size smaller than the mount. Fixed mounts still hold weapon sizes equal to the mount

User Interface
– Removed Arena Commander UI from all ship cockpits (available through Simpod and escape menu)
– G-safe light deactivates when boost is held down
– Self-destruct is now a customizable binding
– Holotable now sorts items based on type, subtype (where applicable) and name
– Holotable can now be interacted with after pressing F (no longer need to press tab)
– Changed importing custom control setups so that it allows the entire default profile to be overridden based on forum feedback

– Fixed an issue that was causing AI pilots to misjudge the position of a ship they were trying to avoid
– Fixed final kill alert sound playing any time a ships is destroyed after a pilot reaches 13000 points in battle royale
– Fixed a bug where calculated torque was occasionally incorrect causing instability in the ship
– Fixed issue that was causing thrusters to twitch back and forth
– Fixed Vanduul missiles skipping their flight phase in Coop Vanduul Swarm

– 300 series have their starboard cooling components
– 350r will sometimes spawn with damaged components
– Mustang Beta will no longer have one of the doors in the cabin float above it if it’s used

– Fixed several shield generators having visible one sided geometry in the holotable

User Interface
– Fixed an issue that was causing the game client to steal mouse focus when loading into the hangar

Other issues
– Fixed issue where character will sometimes spawn with the helmet on backwards

Known Issues:
– Missiles do not despawn after they explode which causes the missile evaded message to be displayed even if the missile hits
– Ships are not able to take off if a pilot reenters a seat after they land using automatic approach
– Landing ships in Multiplayer Free Flight can cause network divergence issues
– Some ships are not able to be exited or entered after landing them in Free Flight
– Using HOMAS or TrackIR whilst using Target Focus causes the players head to shake and move uncontrollably
– Opening the holotable multiple times can cause the game to crash
– ESP is being overly aggressive

– All ships aside from the Hornet are missing ship trails when carrying a Core
– 350r mass is off center and causes the ship to be difficult to control
– Aurora intakes aren’t displaying paint
– Aurora are not showing lateral G-force animations for the character
– Some parts of the nose section for the Avenger are not taking damage
– Entering the back seat of the Gladiator plays the animation for entering the front seat.
– Gladius damage system isn’t working correctly for parts of the ship that fall off
– Gladius loses its armor textures when hit with a few missiles
– Mustang mass is off center and causes the ship to be difficult to control
– Mustangs are using the wrong maneuvering thrusters
– M50 g-force animations are negatively affecting control of the ship
– Elevator animation for the Constellation Taurus and Andromeda does not play correctly
– Cutlass isn’t attaching its Trireme thrusters for its default loadout
– Cutlass Trireme thrusters are not able to be attached in the holotable (this will be left this way until they are ready for use)
– Character is sunk into the seat when sitting in the Cutlass Blue and Red
– Freelancer loading ramp has no collision
– Freelancer Main Thrusters are missing
– Retaliator is not loading in the hangar

– User folder issues can cause weapon ammunition to go missing as well as other ship component malfunctions
– Some ballistic weapons are missing ammunition from their default loadouts
– MaxOx NN-13 Neutron Cannon – Misnamed as MaxOx NP-14 Neutron Cannon
– Adjusted weapon tech setup that was preventing the 9-Series Longsword from animating when fired
– Rattler Cluster missile second stage rockets will all use the same trajectory
– Missiles aren’t inheriting velocity from the ship that launches them
– Seal Corporation damage effect displays incorrectly when equipped on an Aurora
– Seal Corporation shield generators will not be visible when equipped to Hornets

User Interface
– Lag pips will drop out with increased distance depending on how quickly a ship is approaching their target (only happens within a few hundred meters)
– Shield hardpoint in the holotable is too small for Mustangs and 300 series
– Shield component on the Aurora ship status HUD is too large
– Ship status HUD for Gladius will display damage incorrectly
– Missiles have a small portion of the ship targeting UI on them after being launched
– Multiple in game items and ships are missing text and are displaying their internal names
– Paint objects in the holotable are placeholders
– Loading back into a lobby will reset the ship selection to its default (sometimes this doesn’t happen visually but still happens on the backend)
– Power throttle doesn’t work

Star Citizen Patch 1.1 Notes

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