April 2015 Humble Bundle


So, the Humble Origin Bundle 2 dropped this week, and while I hate Origin (like, a lot), this is still a great collection of games. And as always, buying the bundle supports several good causes.

As per usual, the bundle is being made available on a “pay what you want” basis. Currently, the average price paid is hovering around $5. But here’s the thing, folks. Most of us spend hundreds of dollars on video games a year. If you’re anything like Mike and myself, your number may well be in the thousands. I have a hard time believing we, as a community, can’t afford to shell out at least the suggested $10 minimum.

But hey, lots of people are giving $50 or more, and the total donations are at about $1.4 million so far. So, not too shabby. Not everyone can afford $10, and that’s totally cool. All I’m saying is, give what you can afford. The proceeds are going to charity, after all.

Speaking of charities, the bundle is supporting three great ones. There’s buildOn, a charity that supports education and literacy by, among many other things, building schools in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Then there’s The V Foundation. Since 1994, they’ve given over $115 million to more than 100 cancer research facilities nationwide.

And, of particular interest to gamers, there’s Girls Who Code. They aim to change the status quo in computer science and related fields by providing information and help to high school girls who want to work in these areas.

I mean, let’s be honest. I think we can all agree the tech sector and (especially so) the video game industry could charitably be described as a “boys club”. It’s to the point where I submit there can be a degree of sexism in the hiring process of some companies.

Don’t believe me? How many Triple-A game devs can you name who are women?

No. Me neither.

I refuse to believe it’s because “women aren’t interested in video games.” A trip to my local EBGames as well as my Facebook page and my WoW guild will categorically prove that wrong. But there’s a depressing stigma attached to this career for women, and it’s a sad state of affairs.

Girls Who Code wants to change that, and I have no problem donating some of my money to them.

So, there you have it. If you’ve never played Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or Dead Space, now is as good a time as you’re going to get to have a go at these fairly legendary IPs. And maybe help out a few deserving souls in the process.

C’mon! Click the Link. You know you want to.


Heh. Pun. Oh, yes, poor readers. This is now a thing. (Editor’s note: Hilarious wordplay aside, clicking on Link will in fact redirect you to the homepage for the Humble Origin Bundle 2. In case that wasn’t clear.)

April 2015 Humble Bundle

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