An announcement!

Hey guys, Mike here. As you might be vaguely aware, I do some writing about movies from time to time over on my site, Slandering Others Anonymously. Actually “do” is the wrong word. “Did” would be more appropriate. To spell it out, I’m shutting down my old site and will be doing any future writing about movies here at The Geek Infusion.

Until now, The Geek Infusion has been game focused, but both Matthew and I are interested in broadening that scope. We have geeky interests beyond just video games, after all. So this seemed like a logical first step. My old articles will remain avaiable on the other site should you wish to revisit them. I just won’t be adding any new content over there.

I’m really looking forward to writing about film and film-related topics here on The Geek Infusion. In fact, the first such piece of content should be up here in the next day or so. Stay tuned!

An announcement!

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